SEO in 2016 – Building high quality content

The world of SEO has changed radically over the last decade.

Just five years ago most SEO agencies and consultant could (and would) produce great progress in the search engines, simply by linking to clients from so-called networks and thin pages, with no other purpose than ranking websites.

That has changed.

It’s 2016 and today you need top quality in all you do with Google if you want a website to stay on top of the search engine result pages.

Let’s look at a good example.

Good quality is necessary

The young and innovative Danish company understand this.

They sell gift cards, and they create good content that offers great value for the reader. A good example is their list of all playgrounds in Denmark. More than 1.000 of them. Not an easy task and not something others have done before.



To give people a very good reason for linking to their website!

Does it work? Yes. They have obtained links from lots of great websites; one being a large Danish portal: A link most SEO agencies would kill for.

Good content doesn’t do it alone, it needs outreach!

But just creating good content won’t get you very far. You need to let people know about it!

You need to follow up with an outreach campaign, to tell the relevant sites about your great and awesome content, so they find it and have a real opportunity to write about it.

So how do you do that?

One way is to grab the phone and call the website owners, bloggers, webmasters, journalists etc. You can also make an e-mail outreach but expect a much lower output here. People like personal contact, and when you have people on the phone, they must react with a yes or no.


It’s too easy to just delete an e-mail instead of taking the time to actually check out the content.

Where to learn more?

My number one place for strategies and ideas on how to get high-quality mentions and links is this dude:

His name is Brian Dean, and he’s one of the most talented in the field of SEO, and he likes to share everything he learns, so his blog is a very place to start, if you want to get serious about your inbound marketing!