Google Adwords for large e-commerce sites

Google is introducing new features all the time, and automation and big-scale campaigns are getting a lot easier to manage and setup. This is good news for the big e-commerce sites with tons of products.

It can be a hassle to keep every product, price and inventory up to date on a big scale, but with scripts, excel and feeds it has become a better experience to have it all up-to-date inside Adwords.


With Dynamic Search Ads and Shopping it is rather easy to get a quick start.

You can handle the data in a more rational and effective way. The feeds will automatically update every morning, so your ads don’t show up for products you have sold out, and you can do some intelligent bidding according to offers, price-level and other categories.

More on Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads lets you setup a lot of products for Adwords in a short time. You specify with url’s on your website to target, and Google will scan the site, and create ads from the title and text on each product page.

It’s easy to control which products to show, negative keywords (always key!) and to bid individually.

If you want to look more into Dynamic Search Ads this post over at SearchEngineLand is pretty good. It explains quite well the same concerns I had to begin with, but DSA has proven itself very effective over time, and I am sure the Adwords team put a lot of work into it lately.

More on Google Shopping campaigns and feeds

Google shopping will show your products as images directly in the search result page like this:


You get to bid according to categories in order to control scale and scope for each campaign, and you can set custom segments in order to control bidding per price interval, sales, number of complains etc.

I have seen Google shopping perform very well in 2015/2016, and especially for e-commerce sites with design products and products related to women the image directly shown in the search result page is a powerfull way to advertise.